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Zhu Fengbo

Zhu Fengbo

Zhu Fengbo, a famous soprano in China, made her name in the 1960s. Her singing talents landed her a job with Shanghai Opera House in 1960 after she got her Bachelor's degree in archiecture at Tongji University. Zhu then studied under many famous vocalists (like Ju Xiufang) at Shanghai Conservatory of Music. In 1965 Zhu left for Shanghai Dance Institute. Later Zhu worked in Beijing China Art Troupe, Shanghai Ballet Troupe, Shanghai Song and Dance Ensemble, and Shanghai Light Music Ensemble as a solo singer. Zhu is known for her smooth, unaffected, and highly expressive singing style. Her singing draws on both traditional Chinese folk singing techniques and bel canto techniques. During her 40-year singing career, Zhu has sung over 800 songs, raning from Chinese folk songs to foreign folk songs to children's songs.

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