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Yi Ren Zhi Zao

Yi Ren Zhi Zao

A miracle of ethnic minority bands, Yi Ren Zhi Zao or Yi People signed with Beijing Birdman Entertainment Co. (Pang Long) in May 1998 and released their debut album "Yi People I" in 2000. This first release combines traditional folk singing of the Yi People (a minority in southwest China) with modern sounds of today. The follow-up "Yi People II" was released in 2001 and "Yi People III" in 2003, which features the hit single "Mama," one of the most frequently, requested songs on Mother's Day in China. Yi Ren Zhi Zao won the award for Best Folk Music in Mainland China at the 2000 CCTV-MTV Music Awards, as well as the Best Band Award at the 2000 China Original Music Billboard Awards and the Most Popular Mainland Media-Recommended Band Award at 2002 Chinese Music Charts Awards.

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