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Caidanzhuoma, a famous Tibetan soprano singer, began her musical career in 1956 when she joined the Tibetan Rikaze Song and Dance Ensemble. Her singing talents won her a seat at the Shanghai Conservatory of Music in 1958 despite her illiteracy and lack of music training. Caidanzhuoma rose to fame quickly with her singing and performance in the musical "The East Is Red" in 1964. Caidanzhuoma is known for her sweet, passionate, and sonorous singing. Her songs have a strong Tibetan flavor. Her hit singles, "Singing a Folk Song For the Communist Party," "On The Golden Hill In Beijing" and "Happy Liberation of Helot" remain popular in China today. Caidanzhuoma's song "On The Golden Hill In Beijing" was widely used in many primary and high school performances from 1993 to 2000. Caidanzhuoma performed in over 30 countries over the years.

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