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Min Huifen

Min Huifen

Min Huifen is a famous Chinese Erhu performing artist. She began learning Erhu from her father at the age of 8. After graduating from Shanghai Conservatory of Music in 1969, Min Huifen joined China National Art Troupe and later Shanghai Art Troupe as a solo Erhu performer. She has been with Shanghai Chinese Music Orchestra since 1978. Min Huifen won the First Prize at the National Erhu Playing Competition in 1963, the Shanghai Literature and Art Award in 1988 and the first National Gold Record Award in 1989. Min Huifen performs extensively both in China and abroad. Min Huifen has released 15 albums featuring her Erhu performance. Min Huifen is known for her exuberant performance. Her performance features a unique blend of many genres of traditional Chinese music, such as Beijing Opera, Shaoxing Opera, and Chaozhou music. Min Huifen is also a prolific composer. She has written many hit singles, like "Yangguan Pass Melody - Three Variations," and Wishes of the People of Honghu Lake."

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