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Li Guyi

Li Guyi

Li Guyi is a celebrated singer and actress in China. She started her musical and theatrical career at the age of 15 when she was admitted into the Hunan Art Institute. Li Guyi was with Hunan Flower Drum Opera Theater from 1961 to 1974 as an actress. Hunan Flower Drum Opera is rooted in the folk music and dance of Hunan Province and its music is cheerful and melodious. In 1974, Li Guyi's singing talents landed her a job with the Central Symphony Orchestra as a solo singer. In 1986 Li Guyi became the Director of China Light Music Ensemble. She later became the Deputy Director of the Oriental Song and Dance Ensemble. Many of her works remain popular in China. Her hit singles include but not limited to, "China My Motherland," "Looking For Her Sweetheart In Tears," "Tonight Is Unforgettable," "Clear Spring Water At The Frontier." In 1999 she received the Lifetime Achievement Award at the World Music Gala jointly organized by China Central Television and MTV.

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