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Guo Lanying

Guo Lanying, a famous Soprano, began studying Shanxi Bangzi, a traditional local opera of Shanxi Province at the age of 6. She started performing at the age of 11 with a local theatrical group. In 1946 Guo Lanying joined the Song and Dance Troupe of North China United University. In 1947 she was admitted to North China United University, majoring in opera. Guo Lanying later joined the Song and Dance Theatre affiliated to China's Central Conservatory of Music, and the China Opera House. Guo Lanying is known for her sweet, unaffected singing style. Guo Lanying made her name by her performance in many well-known operas, like "The White-Haired Girl" and "The Marriage of Little Er Hei." As an ambassador of Chinese art, Guo Lanying visited and performed in many countries. Guo Lanying gave her last stage performance in 1982. She taught in China Conservatory of Music. In 1986, she set up Guo Lanying Art School in Guangdong.

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