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Zang Tianshuo

Zang Tianshuo

Zang Tianshuo, a household name in China, was one of China's first rock musicians. In 1983 Zang Tianshuo and Ding Wu, the lead vocalist of rock band Tang Dynasty (Tang Chao), formed the group Infallible. A prolific and versatile musician and songwriter for 20 years, Zang Tianshuo has written many hit singles, well-known movie songs (Keep Cool) and advertising music. He rose to fame with his song "Friends," prominently featured in "Big Shot's Funeral" (Donald Sutherland). Throughout the years, he has released five albums including "Into the Forbidden Zone" in 1987, "My Ten Years" in 1995 (one of the best selling albums of the year in China), "Still Waiting" in 1996, "Rediscovery of Myself" in 1999, and "Folk Songs by Zang Tianshuo" in 2002. In 2003, he was voted the most popular mainland singer/songwriter at the 9th Chinese Music Awards. Zang Tianshuo also works closely with the Beijing Boys after signing them to his label in 2002.

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