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Nature High

Nature High

Nature High is one of the first electronic groups in China, pioneering work in this brand new field that has typically been dominated by westerners. In 2005, Nature High (originally titled Natural High) released their self-titled debut album spotlighting high energy and uptempo, big beat and house rhythms. The group is made up of Zhang Zhang (keys), Bei Bei (guitar), DJ Xiao Dong, DJ Huang Tong, DJ Michael and DJ Chen Shen. Nature High's intention is to deliver a message of health, harmony, passion, and nature. They break the social stereotype attached to dance music of decadence, alcohol and drugs, by promoting a vibrant, healthy, and drug-free lifestyle. Their follow-up album, "The Spirit of Wind," will be released in the fall of 2006 and will include many more trance and chill out grooves.

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