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Founded in 1988, Tang Dynasty (Tang Chao) has often been credited as the first heavy metal band in China. The name of the renowned band derives from their deep respect for the Tang Dynasty (618-907 A.D.), the greatest era for the arts in Chinese civilization. Their performance at the legendary 1989 Modern Music Concert (the first rock music festival in China) held at Beijing's Capital Stadium, won them a huge following among rock fans and a contract with Magic Stone Records, the mainland division of Taiwan's Rock Records. Their debut album "A Dream Return To Tang Dynasty" was released in 1992 and sold over 900,000 legal copies throughout Asia. Their music features a unique combination of Western heavy metal elements and lead singer Ding Wu's traditional Chinese vocal techniques (Beijing Opera-style singing), and the lyrics to some of their songs are quoted directly from poetry created during the Tang Dynasty. The band soon became an icon of Chinese rock, and their lightning-fast guitarist Liu Yijun (nicknamed "Lao Wu") became the first guitar hero in China. Tang Dynasty's second album "Epic" was released in 1998, and they continue to perform live on a regular basis.

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