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Gao Qi & Overload

Formed in 1991, the band Gao Qi & Overload quickly rose to fame as the first thrash metal band in China and still remains one of the most important bands in China's rock history with Gao Qi as the lead singer and songwriter. Throughout the years, the band has released three albums Overload in 1996, Magic Blue Sky in 1999, and Life Is An Adventure in 2002. Overload was an overnight success with their first single Shadows of the Ancients, which was prominently featured on the legendary rock compilation China Fire gaining them a solid fanbase and great media attention. In September 1995, an interview featured in The Wire, a British music magazine, landed Overload a record deal with Magic Stone Records, the mainland division of Taiwan's Rock Records. Stylistically, their self-titled debut release Overload is thrash metal, as opposed to their follow-up releases Magic Blue Sky and Life Is An Adventure which are more pop and rock oriented. In March 2006, Overload performed together with famous German metal band EDGUY in Beijing.

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