China Music Group


: Music Demos

Compilation (10min.)
The Moon


: Sample Demos

Long Demo (20min)
Sound Design for film

* 1,000 Apple Loops in lock-tempo with any sequencer that supports Apple Loops.
* All original tempos of the Apple Loops are logged in the documentation.
* Instruments: Bowed, plucked, blown, percussion, ensemble, orchestral, and 275 vocal loops.
* Over 200 One Shot Samples/Beds.
* Over 100 single hit percussion samples (big drums, gongs, Peking Opera percussion).
* Over 1GB of samples.

NOTE: All loops have been painstakingly tempo-corrected as the originals weren't recorded to metronome. Tempo-correction is kept "loose" on many loops to keep an organic, un-quantitized feel.

Sound Designer: Ashley Witt is known for his work on several sample libraries and created these samples with permission of CRC Jianian. Licensing of these samples came as quickly as he was creating them.

Special thanks: China Music Publishing/CRC Jianian, Frank Mayor, Toby Record, Nana Lee, and Brandon Brawner.

*The Sample Demos have a beep and a generic drumbeat behind them to protect the samples.