China Music Group

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Box Set 1 :
Chinese Folk Songs

Box Set 2 :
Peking Opera

Box Set 3 :
Tibetan Music

Box Set 4 :
Chinese Instrumental Performance Series

Box Set 5 :
Chinese Instrumental Tone-Picture Series

Box Set 6 :
Classical Chinese Melodies

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Chinese Folk Songs Chinese Instrumental Chinese Instrumental Tone Pictures Chinese Melodies Peking Opera Tibetan Music
In 2008, CRC Jianian released a fantastic CD box set series featuring the most complete collection of Chinese music ever available in the west! This historical series is packaged into 6 boxes, each containing 4 discs. Each set focuses on one important genre inside of this amazing 5000-year old culture. Genres included in the series are Instrumental, Vocal, Folk, Opera, Classical and Tibetan.

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